Sant Jordi, Patron Saint of Catalonia

Sant Jordi (Saint George) was a Christian roman military. He did not want to give up his beliefs, so he was tortured during roman emperor Diocletian’s period, around the year 303.

One of the legends attributed to Sant Jordi, which rapidly became the most famous, tells of a dragon who scared the inhabitants of a city. To calm it down, a lamb and a young girl chosen at random had to be offered every day. One day, the fate came to the king’s daughter, who had had to be sacrificed to the dragon. Sant Jordi saved her in a miraculous way. He killed the dragon and red roses sprang out from its blood. After that, the young girl, the king and the people converted themselves to Christianism.

Catalan kings often showed their devotion to Sant Jordi and asked for his help to fight the infidels. During this period, countries such as Georgia, England, Greece and Catalonia made Sant Jordi their Patron Saint.

At the end of the 19th century, Sant Jordi became a catalan symbol. His fight against the dragon to save the young girl symbolizes Catalonia's fight for freedom. On 23rd of April, Sant Jordi's day, people also celebrate the day of roses. They have done this since the 15th century.

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