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Summer at the Center of the World

Summer kicks off with the Fête de la Musique

Free entertainment for a festive summer in Perpignan! Since 1982, the Fête de la Musique has been showcasing the diversity of musical practices by amateur and professional musicians.
The event takes place outdoors in the heart of Perpignan.

  • Place Gambetta,
  • Place Arago,
  • Quai Vauban,
  • Place Péri,
  • Place de la Loge,
  • Place des Poilus,
  • Place du Pont d'en Vestit,
  • Place Rigaud,
  • Rue de la Révolution Française,
  • Rue des Trois journées,
  • Place Verdun.

Midsummer Fires

The Feux de la Saint-Jean are held every year on the evening of June 23rd, on the eve of Saint John's Day. This ancient festival, which dates back to pagan celebrations of the summer solstice, has evolved somewhat over time.

From 9pm: Various events including Catalan songs, a folklore gala and musical entertainment in the main city center venues (Place Gambetta, Castillet, Pont de Larminat, Quais de la Basse). 10:15 pm: Bread-sharing ceremony with the Canigou shepherds, followed by the flame procession, with Perpignan runners raising their flags and pennants. The arrival of the flame and the climbers' ascent of the Castillet, an impressive sight to behold. Fireworks and bonfires.

Don't forget your Ramallets bouquet! The morning after the bonfires, it's traditional to gather the St. John's Day herbs to make a bouquet from immortelle, orpin, walnut and St. John's wort. This bouquet is called ramallet Sant Joanenc, and is used to protect the home from the evil eye. The bouquet is then distributed throughout the day.

The Musée Rigaud's major summer exhibition

Discover the brand-new Musée Rigaud exhibition from June 22, highlighting the captivating work of artist Jean Lurçat!

With ceramics as the main theme, the exhibition presents the art of Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) in all its diversity. Based on the theme of the four elements - Earth, Fire, Water and Air - the exhibition reveals a central theme in Jean Lurçat's repertoire, and highlights his visionary sensitivity to the perils of Nature, which he never ceased to celebrate in its relationship with Man.

In summer, the museum is open daily from 10.30am to 7pm.

Please note: ticket offices close at 6:30 p.m.

The starry scenes of the Grands Carmes

A musical season in "head in the stars" mode.

 "Les scènes étoilées des Grands Carmes" appears like a star in the heart of summer! A remarkable place to dream, admire and let yourself be carried away by melodies...

Les Rayonnantes, a new format for festivities in Perpignan

These free evenings take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the town center from mid-July to mid-August. We look forward to seeing you from 8pm onwards, on the Allées Maillol, with live entertainment and wooden games for all ages.

As for the main squares, they'll be the setting for artists' performances. From the craziest shows to the most grandiose entertainment, a colorful program awaits all night owls. In 2022, Gérard Lanvin, the iconic group Superbus and Gospel pour 100 voix, to name but a few, were on hand to thrill us.

To round off the evenings, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:30 pm onwards, we invite you to the Place de la Victoire to watch a narrative sound and light show projected onto the Castillet. In 2022, it was the "Éclat de nuit" projection that filled us with wonder as it recounted the beautiful history of Perpignan.

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Perlimpinpin Tuesdays

In summer, let yourself be swept away by the magic of Bir Hakeim Square, home to Mardis de Perlimpinpin, a program specially designed for children!

And that's not all! Food trucks will be on hand to satisfy your hunger throughout the evening.

Têt en Fête and its guinguettes 4th edition

Take the footbridge next to the Théâtre de l'Archipel and walk along the Passeig! Your summer evenings are sure to be sweeter along the cool river Têt.

Welcome to Têt en Fête, a festival with a guinguette atmosphere and gourmet chalets that has been running for three years now. During the day, the aim is to stroll around and take part in activities for all, from workshops to sporting events. Then, in the early evening, we settle in for a drink or a meal. We're in no hurry to enjoy the musical entertainment until 11pm.

The program includes themed evenings such as cabaret, July 14th, chess night and a Catalan evening. The stage also hosts concerts on certain evenings. And don't forget the "Vins en Têt" evenings, featuring local producers and winemakers. The banks of the Têt welcome a dozen winemakers per session. Each winemaker unveils his or her latest vintage, while offering tastings.


The Visa pour l'image Festival

Every year for the past 36 years, the whole world comes to Perpignan. Visa pour l'image is the world's largest photojournalism festival.

Created in 1989 by Roger Thérond, former editorial director of Paris-Match. Now run by Jean-François Leroy, Visa pour l'Image celebrates its 36th anniversary this year.

Each new edition attracts thousands of visitors to the heart of Perpignan.

This large number of visitors makes Visa pour l'Image a unique event that is particularly close to our hearts. Totally free of charge, the festival allows us to show a reality other than the one portrayed by the media. It presents powerful, unfiltered images that inform and provoke reflection.

The festival features numerous exhibitions in well-known Perpignan locations, as well as more unusual ones. More than 20 photographic exhibitions are on show at the Couvent des Minimes, the Dominican church, the Hôtel Pams and many more...

Exhibitions are open daily from 10am to 8pm during the festival. Finally, for the past few years, it has been possible to take a virtual tour of most of the exhibitions on the Visa pour l'Image website.

Evening screenings...

...for exceptional evenings!

Every year, the Campo Santo, a vast cemetery cloister offering a unique setting, is the venue for these exceptional evenings.

From Monday to Saturday in the first week of the festival, the Visa pour l'Image evening screenings retrace the most significant events of the past year (September-August).

Each evening, we cover a range of topics relating to current events, conflicts and the state of the world. Retrospectives on major historical events and personalities (artists, politicians, etc.) are also featured.