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The rose and book festival: La Sant Jordi!

Once upon a time... the village of Montblanc! This small village in Catalonia was known for its calm and serenity until the day a ferocious dragon flew over the village and its dwellings. He devoured everything in and around his path. The previously abundant forests and fertile fields burned to the ground in the dragon's flames! Not a flower, animal or grain of wheat remained in his wake.

The inhabitants, terrified but aware that they had to calm the dragon, decided to feed it one person a day. To keep the decision as fair as possible, the victim was chosen daily by lot. Chance soon chose the king's daughter: young, kind, intelligent and, above all, loved by all. Faced with this terrible news, some brave souls offered to take her place, but the distraught king decided that chance had decided otherwise, and that she should face the dragon.

Just as the princess was about to reach the monster's cave, Sant Jordi appeared on his white horse. The princess warned him of the danger, but the knight replied that he had come from afar to free them from the scourge. Thus began a long and intense battle, until the knight killed the dragon with a blow from his spear. From the monster's blood grew a magnificent rosebush of red flowers. Sant Jordi cut a rose to give to the princess.

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